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Meet 6 Great Apps for Students

There are loads of various apps and online tools that you can find on the web and use them in your studies. Literature students, despite being well-versed in writing, are no exception to the rule. They tend to use various apps because they know how important it is to submit an essay or a novel review that is flawless in terms of grammar, punctuation, style, and so on.

If you’re studying literature in college and planning to equip yourself with some great apps to use them in class and during homework sessions, make sure to take a look at the best tools that we’ve put on the list for literature students like you.

Literary Terms

If you’re a literature fan, who is always on the lookout for some good source in the subject, Literary Terms provides a glossary of many different terms, words, and phrases that are related to Literature one way or another. That’s what this app does. Literary Terms are not hard to navigate, and plus, it has a special search tool that functions well. If you’d like to get the pro version of the app, you’re welcome to pay a reasonable fee.

Project Gutenberg

If you’re into English Literature, Project Gutenberg is a must-have. The project includes all possible types of literature that aren’t copyrighted. The digitized books are of the finest quality, published by reputed publishers and proofread accordingly. Before you think, “I guess it’s time to spend a fortune on my new books,” make sure to browse the collection of books on Project Gutenberg to see if they have what you need today.


Meet one of the nicest RSS apps. Feedly is excellent for many topics and subjects. Use it now in order to follow news websites, Literature blogs, and many other web pages that you do like. You will find all of your favorite Literature websites in one spot and absolutely for free. Besides, the app is available for Linux, Mac, and PC. Finally, Feedly integrates with many other apps.


If you’re not sure about the quality of your writing, don’t really know the difference between the UK and USA English, Grammarly is one of the best helpers. Literature course professors expect students to demonstrate faultless writing skills, and grammar is one of those. Use Grammarly as your number one proofreading service to put those commas where they really belong.

Merriam-Webster App

Technological development has provided Literature students with lots of opportunities, and Merriam-Webster App is surely one of the best you can find. Imagine like you have a real dictionary in your pocket! The app is comprehensive, easy-to-use, fast, and free. Plus, Merriam-Webster App has a special option that lets you save all of your previous searches. In other words, if you hear the word “onomatopoeia” and check it on the app, you’ll be able to get it back at any point in the future. Besides, the dictionary has the function called “the word of the day.”


If you’re a Shakespeare fan, this app will help you on the way. SwipeSpeare can become a real magic wand if you find it hard to deal with language in terms of English Literature.


We often hear and see how exponential all the advances in modern technology are. It’s not a problem anymore to approach some cheap custom paper writing service like CustomWritings.com, with a request “Please, write my essay for me” and have someone to write an essay for you. It’s easy to google some plagiarism detection software to check your text for authenticity. Various apps for your Literature personality can be found in exactly the same way. Go ahead and decide on something that works for you!