How to Hire App Developer?

Someone who owns an information technology-based application development company needs to hire app developer to make an organization’s day to day functions easier and convenient. Finding and hiring an application developer is a hassle. It is not an easy task, as it seems to be. Application development is a major task of computer science and information technology. A good application developer is a just like an asset for a business and a company. Finding a right application developer is more important than serving the right clients. This is because the output of an application developer will result in the satisfaction or dissatisfaction of the company’s clients.
Hiring an application developer who understands the vision of the company’s business and organization itself is important. Hiring a developer who is interested in walking alongside the business idea is important than just hiring an application developer who just performs the development work.
Here are the steps that can guide you through the steps on how to hire a good application developer:

  1. Find a developer who understands the business vision: A good application development company looks for an application developer who is as good as the company because such a company considers its employees as its assets than a liability. A good application developer should be able to not only perform the application development process effectively but also add creative input as per his/her own knowledge, based on the experience with similar previous applications developed. The good application developer clearly knows what works and what doesn’t work best on the app store because they have worked with many clients.
  2. Talent Management and Portfolio Assessment: A good application developer must also have excellent U/UX skills alongside other application development skills. When looking at the application developer’s portfolio, keep the proper talent management portion of human resource management, recruitment, and selection in mind. A keen eye must be kept on the application developer’s portfolio where previous experiences, skills, and training must be pointed out. Besides, the skills and experiences of the application developer must be matched with the requirement of the future workload and customer needs that need to be fulfilled. Since 60 percent of an application is about how a user interacts with it.
  3. Go through References: Application developers that readily extend and provide client contact information so that you can get real feedback on their company and work as references are the best ones. Previous clients and companies whom the application developer has worked with provide the most authentic information regarding the client satisfaction ratio and work experiences. A previous satisfied client or employer is the best example of the reference.
  4. It’s not about hiring an application developer alone but someone who you can connect and relate to: Mobile application development or Web application development is not a 1-time activity, it needs constant review, debugging and improvement. The applications have to go through many evolutionary processes and review cycles that are based on constant user feedback and criticism. The best application developer for the company is the one who is ready and willing to take challenges and will stick with you through the lifecycle of the product and not abandon ship once the initial development is in the process or the development process is entirely done and until the application is hosted.
  5. Do not be price driven, instead be quality driven: Do not choose an application developer based on the price quote. Since hiring an application developer is not about hiring a person who develops applications for the company and its clients, instead, it is hiring a development partner for the business itself. The work of the application developer will determine how well the work is being done and how much the customers are satisfied or dissatisfied. You are not looking for the cheapest product in the market but a quality product that becomes a partner of the business itself. Since this is a fact that each and every startup or entrepreneur has a budget but must employers are often driven by the lowest cost options that can turn out to be more expensive in the long run, if, say, for example, a mistake makes it necessary to redo and remake the application with another developer because it did not turn out as expected or the way the customer wanted.
  6. Buy the package, not just the coding: Building an application is not just about coding. An application developer must have other skills and expertise other than just coding. An application developer is not just a developer but a designer as well. An application developer not only develops but also creates a functional design thinking about the user experience in the mind. As an employer, never select an independent application developer until and unless you already have access to a team who will perform the rest of the functions such as design, usability, and testing of the application. Otherwise, all the designing is expected to be a part of the skillset that the application developer must have.
  7. Designing is a top priority: The fact that most people do not give value you and do not entirely realize it that a website or mobile application’s look is as important as its functioning. Psychological studies show that certain colors, designs, themes, and styles have the tendency have to make the user stay longer or shorter depending upon how mind soothing and relaxing it is. All these determine the tendency and chances of the user to stay longer. Look for an application developer who works like a business partner and adds value to the usability aspect of your website application or mobile application, which will define how users interact with your product in long term.

Hiring an application developer is not just hiring an employee for the company whose work will be the development of the website and mobile applications. The developer must have the tendency to work like a business partner, understanding the business vision and all its aspects. It is an important decision with several lasting effects on the business itself.

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