How To Add or Remove Text Message Spying

Communication via text messages is an interesting way of connecting with friends, colleges and mates. This awesome way of communication allows users to convey their messages at any time without disturbing the meeting, privacy, presentation, and personal moments. No doubt, it is also an easier, cheaper and quicker way to leave a message without making a direct call. From many benefits, one is that users can keep the text messages as a proof or record for making their points or arguments strong, clean and honest.

In today digital world, there are many unique ways to track the text message of any person, device, or account. These software and apps help parents, CEOs, and other commanding people to track the activities of their answerable. Before spying or tracking any activity of any person, phone, devices or account, make sure you have legal rights. Once you get the clear and powerful permission of spying, you can spy text message of any person with these smart ways.

Spying/Tracking Remotely with USB

This is the most ideal and classy way to track or spy the text messages of your kids, friends, or naughty relative. In this text message spying, the spry have to access the phone. Commonly, every phone uses a SIM card that contains all the information about the user, as well as their text messages, stored on it. So the spry, need to have a special USB SIM card reader that access the SIM data and save without any notification. Now the next is, access the phone, remove the SIM and insert into SIM card reader, this SIM card reader will give the spry all the data stored on the card without generating any notification to the owner.

Spying/Tracking Remotely Through Apps

Spying or Tracking Remotely through apps is a unique, quick and more powerful way of text message spying. This helps the CEO, Boss, Marketer and other business owners to spy text messages of their employees.  This method works only on smartphones which is sometimes a discouraging point. One important thing is that you have to choose a brilliant app. mSpy is too much famous due to its best price, features, ease of use and excellent functionality. Its way of use, it anonymous presence, and its smart spying ability make it a perfect app to spy any text message on any device.

How to Secure a Device From Spying/Tracking

As we discussed early, in this digital era, there are many ways of spying and tracking the text messages. To make sure that your device, phone or account is not the victim of this spying, follow these tips.

  • Delete all unnecessary apps from the phone
  • Use a good antivirus and malware cleaners
  • Keeps eye on suspicious activities (uncertain reboots, fake updates, permissions)
  • Monitor the battery usage (affected Phones consumes too much battery)
  • Don’t hand over the phone to techy friends (They might install it in your phone)
  • Reset your phone after a specific time period (After making the backup of contacts and files)


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