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8 Non-Educational Fun iOS Apps for Stressed-Out Students

Taking an exam session is always a severe challenge for a student. Moreover, it is a test and verification not only of the knowledge gained during a certain period. It is a substantial psychological shake. 

In order not to provoke stress, it is desirable to distract from studying from time to time. In addition to good sleep, nutrition, and physical activity, there are many ways to combat stress and anxiety.

We have selected the top apps for your iPhone that will help you get distracted during a session or before another course!

8 Non-Educational Fun iOS Apps for Stressed-Out Students

White Noise

When unfinished business is constantly on your mind and nerves are buzzing like strings, it is hard to sleep. The application generates pleasant, calming sounds – a natural or familiar background. 

Among them, there are ocean waves and night forest, the clatter of the train wheels and the sound of the rain. Effects can be mixed together to create your own sound pictures. 

White Noise is easy to start before going to bed. After a set time, the volume will be smoothly reduced, and the application will turn off eventually. There is also a soft wake-up function, such as birds chirping or rain noise. 

Yet, if there are some really pending assignments, hardly any app can give you a good sleep. In this case, it is better to turn to professionals. Know that you can always delegate some papers or homework to reliable agencies like EssayPro

Maybe upon starting such fruitful cooperation, you won’t even need additional apps to sleep!

Track Yoga

Yoga, meditation, proper sleep, relaxing music, and sounds are all great ways to relieve tension and freshen up. 

The app helps to understand step by step the intricacies of different yoga practices and develop a habit. In Track Yoga, you can set weekly goals and watch your progress. 

All the lessons are grouped into programs that help you achieve specific goals. There are beginner classes, flexibility development, fitness for the whole body, yoga against depression, and yoga vocation. Anyone can choose the program for one’s own taste.


A reliable way to cheer yourself up and fall out of the surrounding reality for an hour or two is to start painting pictures. 

Colorfy is a coloring app for adults. Instead of chewed pencils, you will have to use your fingers. In the application, you can find a wide range of colors and many different drawings: animals, patterns, mandalas. 

From this color therapy trance, you will surely come out much calmer and more peaceful. But be careful: time flies quickly.


Snapchat is an application that is becoming more and more popular. Designed for smartphones or tablets, it allows you to take pictures with the built-in camera, add effects, and send them to friends. 

So, you can tell the world about what’s going on with you: photos from the morning, videos on the way to work, a few pics from the evening party… The list is endless.

Snapshots in the story are available for 24 hours. By the way, this also works with video. If you switch to the front camera and hold your finger on your face on the screen, it will be “scanned,” and you will be able to put on one of the funny “masks.”


9GAG is probably the best funny application ever that allows you to browse the content of one of the most popular entertainment sites on the Internet, 9GAG. 

You will get access to the funniest pictures out there on the Internet, popular memes, demotivators, funny videos, and so on. You can share your favorite content with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, or email.

Hyspherical 2

You can endlessly watch the flow of water, the blazing flames, and the movement of circles in Hyspherical 2 on its orbits. Careful planning will help arrange the spheres so that they do not interfere with each other. 

After dealing with the academic load, it is important to take a pause, relax, and do something distracting. Hyspherical is a great helper in this. 


iFunFace is one of many online fun video editors. With this app, you can put face into a funny character and make your own video. 

Simply upload a pic from your iPhone library or take a new one, crop your face from it and choose a character. Once you are good at it, it’ll take you just a couple of seconds. 

So, take your iPhone and create the funniest short video ever. After you are done, you can share it on YouTube, Vine, Vimeo, Instagram, Coub, Facebook, and other social networks. 


If, after a bad day at school, uni or college, your hands are shaking from stress, and the body is overflowing with negative energy, the best option is to let it go. 

To prevent a hurricane of negative emotions from destroying the world around you, you can take an axe and cut down a tree in the Timberman arcade game. 

The only thing you need to do is to cut down trees, avoiding deadly collisions with knots. However, there is a risk that the high complexity of the game will make you even angrier. But the only thing that will suffer is your phone.

8 Non-Educational Fun iOS Apps for Stressed-Out Students Free

Final Words

To prevent stress, you do not need to flee from the world to a desert island or hide in a cave. Each student should clearly understand that the quality of one’s life largely depends on the person. And there are many ways to avoid stress. Of course, filling student life with joy and pleasant memories requires some effort and energy, especially during the exam session. We wish you good luck and, of course, excellent marks!