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5 Reasons to use VPN when you are a blogger

A blogger relies heavily on the web to get things done. So, there’s no denying he wakes up to the Internet like his second home. That being said, the “World Wide Web” has changed a great deal since its halcyon days, with safety being the paramount concern. While you are bent on building a successful business as a blogger, there remains a lingering urge to take necessary steps to up your game. Sure your antivirus and anti-malware systems can help you take a strong stand against a string of threats, but nothing does it better than a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Here’s a look at five such reasons to use a VPN when you are a blogger yourself.

Because it significantly hides “Who You Are”

5 Reasons to use VPN when you are a blogger

It’s quite a common affair, where journalists and bloggers are being tracked and intercepted. Not to miss out on “Phishing Scams” where a third party uses one’s data towards fulfilling selfish and illegal motifs. As such, VPN plays a vital role to help protect one’s identity by restricting access to hack into your location. Although there are multiple free VPN apps which promise to get the work done, one needs to be careful in choosing the right one. While you can install free VPN on a laptop, these days one can also get customized VPN services online, if you are willing to shell out a little extra.

Once upon a time, VPN was nothing more than just a privilege enjoyed by large corporations to facilitate remote workers to gain access to the company’s intranet. Fast forward to today; bloggers and online journalists can actually make the most out of a VPN. Majority of bloggers are in the habit of using SSL and other such countermeasures that help protect the content of their blog from unauthorized access. Besides, a VPN also helps a blogger protect his credentials from running afloat. Also, cookies that run the risk of being intercepted in spite of SSL puts a blogger’s work at imminent risk.

Because it safeguards when connected to a public Wi-Fi

Who doesn’t enjoy free Wi-Fi? Probably none. The fact that we use free Wi-Fi in hotels, restaurants, offices, airports, or coffee shops without thinking about its security level makes us vulnerable. As a blogger, when working out of a cafe or connected to a public Wi-Fi, one needs to understand that the network actually has a very low level of security to facilitate access for one and all. Hence, using a VPN becomes all the way more important when you are performing personal login sessions or doing a quick financial transaction. While you prefer penning down that write-up for your blog while sipping on a latte, a VPN in place ensures your login history is kept safe for good.

Because it facilitates safe upload & download

Bloggers are always looking to upload and download files to get their content written down and delivered meeting deadlines or for promotional needs. In the midst of all this, there’s quite a bit of possibility that your downloading activities becomes a target for hackers to jimmy past your mail and introduce a risky file to the downloading cue. Sure that’s illegal, but when the deed is done, you are the one who will be facing the music. Using a VPN offers you unlimited protection against all such threats and helps keep the hackers from gaining access to your download and upload schedule.

5 Reasons to use VPN when you are a blogger

Because it helps bypass restrictions

Blocked sites can be a tad boring when you are browsing your way across the web for information. Blogging is a serious business, and one simply can’t afford to let go of specific informative sites only because of geographical restrictions. This is here VPN comes into play. Not only it works to keep your connection secure when you are actually bypassing your way to blocked sites, but also keeps you hidden from the grid promising complete anonymity. Several bloggers work with entertainment related stuff, and hence access to popular streaming sites becomes a necessity. Take Netflix, for instance, that can’t broadcast their content freely across the globe. So, if you reside in a region where Netflix is blocked or is inaccessible, a VPN can make your life easy. The same story runs for travel bloggers too who need to get their hands on to the best deals for hotels while visiting a place. Sometimes, there is certain information that isn’t available to just about anyone, and only a VPN can open up the avenue ousting limited access and censorship.

Many bloggers start early while still in college where blocked sites are a commonly occurring issue that can be taken care of with a VPN. However, VPN is not to be used for illegal referencing or hovering around sites that pose an imminent threat to national security, adult entertainment, or related stuff.

Because somebody could be watching

Bloggers and journalists are often easy targets by surveillance groups owing to their content being held responsible for causing discontentment or upstir across political wings. As such, the government may hold a person accountable for his activities and puts him under watch, without offering a valid justification. At other times, you can still be put under surveillance in many countries, even if you haven’t caused any harm. When such a situation occurs, it’s only natural that your online activities will be tracked. A VPN can help you keep such activities from affecting your work, as they won’t be able to trace your location or whatever you choose to surf online. As a blogger, it is your primary responsibility to keep your researches safe and away from the curious mass for your own good.


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