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5 Apps Every Girl Student Needs to Have on Her Phone

In the world of technology, applications have become an integral part of our lives. They are doing our life much easier, help us perform everyday tasks, and remind us of important dates and events. In general, applications not only help us grow but also warn us against possible failures and mistakes. Today we will consider a number of applications that should be installed on the phone of every girl so that everyday tasks are performed easier, and productivity is growing every day.

Flo Period Tracker

This is one of the most necessary applications for every girl. Menstruation is that thing that you don’t want to remember until it begins. Many girls face a number of problems in this area, and therefore, it is important to monitor everything related to this feature of the female body. Flo will help to track the frequency of menstruation, its duration. It will also help to predict the period of ovulation in order to be doubly attentive. In the application, you can also enter all the data that is associated with a certain period of menstruation. For example, write down your feelings, taking painkillers, or other pills.


So, you’re crazy about shopping, but do not always have the money to calm your inner shopaholic? Now, this is not a problem. With the Savvy app, every girl will have the opportunity to find her favourite item at the lowest price in the online store. All you need to do is scan the barcode and take your favourite shirt for the cheap price.


Do you have a lot of things, but can’t build a good look? The amazing Stylebook app will help you sort all your stuff and create incredible looks right on your phone. Of course, you will have to work a bit in order to disassemble your real locker in accordance with the application, but these are already details. Create looks for every day, for special events, etc. This application will also facilitate subsequent purchases in the store and can prevent the acquisition of similar things that are already in your wardrobe.


How often did you plan to go to some interesting places with your friends, but failed to find anything worthwhile? The YPlan application will correct this annoying mistake and help you and your friends not to miss the most interesting events in your city. Make each of your evenings unforgettable.

Of course, on your way to fun, you can meet such trouble as a huge amount of homework. But how can you choose between writing and having fun with friends? Fortunately, you do not need to make this hard choice, just type “write my assignment for me” and look for the best helpers on Google. Thanks to such a request, you can find excellent online writing services that can do your assignments quickly and efficiently. You do not need to pay someone in advance, and then nervously worry about the quality of the assignment. All you need is to ask, “write my homework,” and everything will be done on time.


Do you like music with all your heart? Then this application must always be with you. Shazam is like a magic potion that always knows what kind of song is playing in the mall or cafe. Who else knows as many songs as Shazam knows? And where else can you find a song after losing just a couple of notes? Be sure that no one is capable of this. This application makes our life more beautiful because you no longer need to suffer, trying to remember the words that you heard in order to find it on YouTube. Shazam also provides the ability to save music directly to your playlist on your phone.